For Educators

Assessments Available to Pilot

Single Word



ROAR-SWR measures a student’s ability to quickly recognize words. Word recognition is at the foundation of reading ability and is important for reading fluency and comprehension.



ROAR-PA measures elision and sound matching to assess a student’s phonological awareness. This subtest is under active development and validation.

Sentence Reading Efficiency


ROAR-SRE measures students’ ability to silently read and understand sentences quickly and accurately. This subtest is under active development and validation.

Are you interested in piloting the ROAR in your school or district? See below for more info! 

Administering the ROAR

Timeline for In-Class Administration

On ROAR Day, every student will need:

  • A Chromebook or laptop

  • Chrome or Firefox browser & wifi

  • Headphones

  • Registration Card

Budgeting time for the ROAR

  • ROAR-WR can be completed by Grades 3+ in < 30 minutes from login to logout (~5-10 minutes per form; three equivalent forms available).
  • ROAR-PA requires 15-20 minutes.
  • ROAR-SRE requires 8-10 minutes.
  • Consider budgeting extra time for Grades 1-2.

Administration Guide & Score Reports

Please email to request demo access or a preview of the online platform.

With regard to score reports: please allow 24-48 hours after ROAR Day to receive scores. Score report files will be shared through a secure online dropbox accessible only to authorized partners.

A live-updating teacher dashboard is currently under development. We welcome feedback and suggestions for this feature from educators.

Amy Burkhardt, Ph.D.

If your school is interested in a collaborative research partnership, please contact Amy Burkhardt, Director of Research and Partnerships: